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All right, this was finally worth the update.

After possibly one of the most amazing days, and an incredibly long one I have a bundle of new art to scan and complete. Literally just hours of being in Chi Town, and deserted train stations at times only the homeless are out I hit a creative stride. I got to see two sunsets in completely different colors, and an amazing sunrise from the park.

I had a lot of time on my hands in between trains and such, and luckily brought as many sharp pencils as I could. Over roughly thirty sketches, bounding with new characters, jokes, and some very odd humor. I tried out new styles and switched up old ones.

Can't wait to get them up here, let me give thanks to my inspiration today.

To you Mexican guy, who got pulled over without a license at the gas station.
To you India gas station attendant who watched him making jokes with me.
To you K-9 trooper when he was found to have drugs.
To you Severely Old Lady, your adorable.
To you Homeless wheelchair man, who shot the shit with me when I paid you.
To you white people, scared of three Mexicans and me in hoodies before the sun came up.
To you extremely creepy black man/woman who made me take a second look.
To you African McDonalds manager of Union Station, your accent is priceless.
To you, Monster, for raping my mind because I haven;t had energy drinks in forever.

I know I'm forgetting people, but the scale of today is hard to remember completely. I'll update as I remember.
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